CPET trays

CPET trays

Packaging Materials - Consumables
CPET Trays

Etimex Packaging Gmbh is one of the leading plastics processing companies from now on sixty years based on innovation and satisfied customers.

In their factory, about 30 km south of Ulm, we develop and manufacture high quality films and containers for customized packaging solutions, mainly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our products:

Ready Meal Trays (CPET, PP, PP/EVOH/PP) Thermoforming Sheet (PP, PP-Vistaform®, PP/EVOH/PP, PET)Pharmaceutical Films (PURELAY®-pharm, PURELAY®-lid)Flexible Films (VISTALUX CPP films, peelable VISTALID and VISTAPEEL CPP Films)